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Money and Me: What you need to know before investing?

July 24, 2023
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We lift the curtain on what you need to know to about the investment industry to be your own advocate...

Money and Me: Real estate should always be part of Asian investors portfolios - myth or fact?

May 9, 2023
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We often come across many myths floating around the concept of investing. It’s natural for everyone to have developed a few stereotypical..

Money and Me: Cashback, big discount, free platform fess - know what you are agreeing to

April 12, 2023
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Maybe you’re thinking of taking charge of your finances this year. Be it insurance, credit cards or investment promotions.........

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Book review: Freddy The Dogged Rescuer offers kids a pragmatic view on pet adoption and fund-raising

Written by Singapore Management University (SMU) adjunct teaching mentor Swapnil Mishra and illustrated by Quek Yu Qing

Fun With Kids: Bilingual carnival at One Punggol, Sherlock Sam: The Musical!

In real life, Wally does exist. The three-year-old Singapore Special was adopted by author Swapnil Mishra and his family when he was three months old.

SMU Students Measure Monetarily the Social Impact of the Services Provided by WE CARE

A new program evaluation conducted by students of Singapore Management University measures in monetary terms...

Impact Measurement And Reporting For A Social Service Agency

WE CARE Community Services is a Social Service Agency in Singapore and provides support and counselling for different forms of addiction...

Freddy the Eager Fundraiser

Freddy finds out about the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal from his family and hears how his Dad had survived one in India...

Influence: Deutsche's Swapnil Mishra inspiring kids to change the world

Swapnil Mishra wears many hats. Deutsche Bank's managing director for wealth management for global South Asia spent two years thinking about...

If you have 10k to invest today, where are the opportunities?

Michelle Martin speaks to Swapnil Mishra, head of private wealth at Kristal.AI, about how you should invest $10,000 in today’s unpredictable market and what the underlying principles are...
For the curious minds

Swapnil, a finance veteran, offers a refreshing investing guide. Unlike dry and complex books, he presents nine illustrated narratives, making finance enjoyable and informative. Addressing the emotional aspect often missed, he helps readers grasp financial concepts and develop strategic approaches. Discover the art of investing with a seasoned expert as your guide.

"Mishra brings his experience of working in the wealth management industry to address challenges that financial planning presents. Using easy to relate to case studies, the book presents problems people are often confronted with and their solutions. The book gives insights on good financial hygiene to both beginners as well as people who are more advanced in their financial journey."

Dr. Madhav S Aney, Professor of Economics, Singapore Management University.
"This is a wonderful, down-to-earth guide to a crucial life skill - learning how to make money work for us. I’ve invited Swapnill repeatedly to guest on our show because of how intently he really listens to each question and how he tackles them with trademark clarity. Buy this book and share it with those you love; I know I will."

Michelle Martin, Host, Your Money with Michelle Martin, MoneyFM89.3