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Make better financial decisions

by generating personalised recommendations based on your market views, risk preferences and goals


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We combine market views and rebalancing in
one end-to-end journey

Customisation can be a do-it-yourself approach. Use our algorithm to generate your personalised portfolio recommendation

Market Noise - Boy confused about lot of products in the market.

Screen Market Noise

Run scenario analysis to evaluate outcomes of market views and outlook.

Product Over Preferences - A dart Stand with paper reading Financial Needs and missed arrows all around.

Be your own CIO

Based on data, decide to rebalance or stay on track with your model portfolio

Hit and Miss - A boy standing on a maze thinking about the way out.

Track and learn

Use the decisions and outcomes to learn and improve your understanding


Handholding you through the portfolio construction

Use your own market views and preferences to customise portfolio and compare with benchmarks. Track your personalised benchmark using the output from the data driven algorithm
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Understand the link between macro economic scenarios and portfolio rebalance decisions to beat benchmark
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Track portfolio and drill down into securities for better understanding
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Import Portfolio

Compare your benchmark portfolios versus your actual portfolio by uploading securities holdings

CIO Dashboard

Sit in the drivers seat to track macro data and use models for generating portfolios for multiple scenarios

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Our scalable tech platform uses  Algorithm/Machine Learning models to combine dynamic client preferences and investment views.

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